When remodeling your home, you want to make absolutely certain it comes out the way you imagined. The last thing you want to do is shoot blindly in the dark while you remodel your home… without an expert to help. Hiring a design professional ensures you get 3 crucial things out of your home project: 1) an expert’s opinion on what’s possible and what isn’t possible for your home 2) a properly planned strategy and 3) a properly executed strategy.

Colorado Homes & Design has some of the best, most professional designers in the area to help you make your dream home a reality. When you hire one of our expert designers, you can expect to feel safe, assured, and discover the best route of possibilities for your next home remodeling project. Get started on your next project and contact one of our designers today…

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Ashlie Hill Kitchen Homeremodeler Wholesale Quartz Wholesale Granite Denver Interior Designer


Ashlie has been designing for a large corporation for thirteen years with a total of eighteen years in the design field. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been very successful following her passion of blending color, form and function into extraordinary designs. She has exceptional skills of listening to the desires of her clients allowing her to effectively analyze what they want and create their vision through real life renderings. Her knowledge of design, products and attention to detail allows her to create accurate designs with little to none on-site revisions. This strength combined with her design talent afford effective use of time for both the client and installation team delivering unique designs for each client.


Gina holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior design and Architecture. She is certified and an active member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Gina has over twelve years of experience in interior design ranging from hotel design to kitchen and bath design. She can offer her expertise to clients in kitchen and bath design, tile design, and specializes in color harmony.

Gina likes to design by reflecting her client’s needs, personality, and individual style into every design. She will complement the home by allowing the client to add their own pieces and incorporating the client’s personal touch. With a strong knowledge of interior design, she has experience in all aspects of design keeping the design experience a fun, creative, and a comfortable experience.